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Buy Your Dream Flat In Treasure At Tampines

Singapore is one of the most populated countries in the world. To be precise it stands 3rd in terms of population density. There is no space available for constructing single houses in posh areas of countries. Thus the flat culture is increasing rapidly.

This recent project, Treasure at Tampines is proposed to have around two thousand flats. Both normal and premium flats are to be constructed.

Why opt for Treasure at Tampines

  • Convenience and Accessibility- The location is easily accessible. Almost all amenities are nearby this project which gives it an extra edge over other housing projects.
  • Close to MRT stations- It is situated near three Metro Rail Transit (MRT) stations. This is very helpful for the commuters.
  • Access to health facilities- Hospitals are within the radius of 1 kilometer making regular medical check-ups, not at all a tedious task.
  • Amenities within Treasure at Tampines- Within its vicinity, there are playgrounds for children, activity rooms, parking lot and most important it has 24 hours security services.
  • Near to schools- Several schools for children are located near it. Apart from school, various universities are also located near it.
  • Job opportunities- Several companies are present near Treasure at Tampines. Thus the residents can enjoy traveling a shorter distance to reach their office.
  • Attractions near it- Nature parks and several reservoirs are situated near it. If you love sightseeing than it is the right place for you. It is a good option for people fond of adventure as various adventure sports are organized in the nature parks which can satisfy their adrenaline rush.

Planning to buy a flat here

One can easily register themselves through their website to get a flat viewing appointment. Price list of condos is available on their website. They also have their own helpline number to help customers with their curiosity. If you are looking for flat in one the posh areas of Singapore then definitely Treasure at Tampines will fulfill your wish.

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Know Why Juniper Hill Allgreen Condos Are The Talk Of The Town!

Juniper Hill has been one of the most peaceful, unique, beautiful and amazing cities where you will find some of the best condos and real estate properties in incredible rates. The condos here at Bukit Timah are exceptionally designed so as to meet the requirements of everyone.  Above that, you get great connectivity with service centers, shopping malls, public transportation, parks and a lot more. As much as the internal facilities and amenities are important, these ones too play a significant part in giving you perfect housing and comfortable living.  Juniper Hill Allgreen has been famous for its high affordability and amazing appeal. Here is why people often end up buying these properties above all!

The features of Juniper Hill Allgreen condos

  • All the houses and properties built here are completely out of the box and their aim is to keep the people connected with their nature. While you can have fun in your luxurious kitchen, cooking your favorite dishes, your kids can have their day out in the save, green, luscious and amazing parks surrounding.
  • Within the whole covered campus of these condos, you get numerous facilities such as swimming pools, parks, recreation center, gaming zone and a lot more. From your love for walking and jogging to your dedication towards high gymming, everything can be instantly fulfilled in these Juniper Hill Allgreen

  • To ensure that you don’t get your connect broke off from the external world, the place is completely situated in a central location where you can find all sort of bus stations and related services. You can always find convenient services and reach anywhere you want. Above than that you have schools, colleges, and malls surrounding the condos for your comfort.

Thus, in every way Juniper Hill Allgreen properties, real estate and condos are extremely beneficial and affordable!

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