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DIY: Your Very Own Paintball Gun

Written on March 24, 2019   By   in Gaming

Believe it or not, paintball is one of the most popular ways to relax and/or bond with your family. Paintball does the work of taking out all your frustrations in a physical manner and also have some fun while you are at it. Did you know though, that you could build your very own paintball gun? This article covers the steps to make your very own paintball gun at home. You can use the best paintball markers in the market to make your own design even, after creating the outline.

  • First off, you need a plastic bottle – the type that you could take to the gym.
  • Take off the cap of the bottle and take only the lower bottom of the bottle.
  • Next, you need is a pipe (mainly a PVC pipe).
  • Drill a large (pipe-sized) hole into the bottom of the bottle and glue the pipe into the bottle. One-fourth of the pipe should be inside the bottle and the rest of it, outside.
  • Below the large hole, make a smaller hole.
  • The third ingredient that you need is a bendy lighter. You can get that into your local hardware shop.
  • Take bendy part of the lighter and slip it through the hole. Attach the other part of the lighter which is the trigger with its placement being exactly like the trigger of an actual gun.
  • Next up comes hairspray, any hairspray. Attach the hairspray at the end bottom end of the lighter so that it acts as the handle of your paintball gun.
  • This is the last ingredient which is mini potatoes. Wash and rub the mini potatoes clean. Get them into the pipe from the outside. Open the cap of the bottle and sprinkle some hairspray on the inside.
  • Start shooting and enjoying your homemade paintball gun.