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New To IBIS Paint X? Here Is How You Can Use The Layers!

Written on March 13, 2019   By   in Apps

Just like every other digital software or graphics platform, layers are an effective part of ibis paint x. as the name itself defines; layers are thin films that are separated and have got different details trapped within them. These clear films are similar to cartoons and animes. So, if you are putting up lines, coloring and adding effects to different layers, all of these will be separated so that you can simply make the desired changes later on. You can simply draw every feature like hair, face, fingers etc on unique layers that stay as it is until they are merged up.

How to begin with layers and the major fundamentals

The very first thing that you need to understand is that layers are transparent when they are initially opened up. However, they adopt the changes made over them. Deleting any coloring or the line drawings will make the layer get back to the transparent state. Also, you have to select every layer while working on it. In ibis paint x, the layers have their own predefined order, as the last one comes at the top. However, based on what details you wish to bring in front you can always drag and drop the layers to change their positions. You can even change the opacity through a slider, to give a light, dark or blurry effect as needed.

Make sure that the maximum number of layers that you can use always depends upon the device that you have. Also, as the resolution on the canvas goes on increasing, the maximum amount of layers that you can use goes on decreasing. Again, more layers will consume more space and therefore, it is highly essential to merge these layers by clicking from bottom to top and bringing the final masterpiece in ibis paint x that you want the client to see.