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Things To Expect From The Criminal Defense Lawyer

Written on March 11, 2019   By   in Legal

Are you charged with the crime or hefty fine? Are you overwhelmed with the huge procedures, rules, and forms of the criminal case? Do you think about getting help from the lawyer who specializes in the criminal defense?  Well, you can hire Jeffrey Lichtman Lawyer. He is the leading criminal attorney in New York.  When you tempt to present yourself in the court, Jeffery Lichtman will do the following things to help your case.

What a criminal lawyer can do for you

Being the criminal lawyer, he uses legal mechanism for collecting evidence, which assists exonerate you and disproves the evidence of the prosecution. With the help of various discovery tools including subpoenas, depositions, etc, he gathers written statements, documents, oral testimony, and surveillance video.

Most of the criminal cases solved using the plea bargains, which mean the defendant accepts to plead guilty to the minimum charge in exchange for the right sentence. If the chance of pleas bargain is high in your cases, then your attorney will know the way to deal them with the local prosecutor.

As every court has its own judges, rules, and unique culture, the lawyer should know the way the local jurisdiction operates. The attorney who familiar with the court in which you are being charged will have enough insight into the local court system and things to be done before, during, and after the declaration of the case.

According to the situation of your case, you might wish to get things over quickly or delay trail to collect enough evidence. In such a case, he will help you and implement the timeline, which works well for you without hurting your criminal case. In case of pleading and conviction, he assists you to clean up all your record via expungement.

It does not matter, how serious or minor your criminal case is, Jeffrey Lichtman will handle your case properly and bring success.