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How To Find Free Units In Marvel Contest Of Champions Without Survey

Written on February 25, 2019   By   in Gaming

Units are the most crucial element of Marvel Contest of Champions since these are the premier currency of the game. You need them to level up in the game and buy Premium Hero Crystals. But units are pricey. Yes, you have surveys to acquire free units but that’s not a feasible option always. However, no worries- there is an easy marvel contest of champions hack no survey that will enable you to get free units without participation in surveys.

Well, you can always generate free units for the game through online free units generators. These are super easy to use. Most importantly, unlike surveys, there is no legwork to do to generate free units through generators. And yes, these generators allow you to generate free units just whenever you wish to- that too in unlimited numbers.

So, how do these generators work? Well, the process is fairly simple and your basic computing skills would be enough here. First, you will have to choose a reliable online free unit generator site. Make sure the site is compatible with your specific gaming device.

Once you find a reliable, go to its homepage. Depending on your generator site, you may or may not have to download the generator software in your system. After that, you will have to submit your game user ID to the generator site. The next step is to specify the number of units you wish to generate. Then, the site will ask you to complete a brief manual verification process. If everything is okay, you can click on the “generate” button and the site will immediately start to generate the units. These generated units will themselves get added to your gaming account and you will be able to access them anytime.