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Elo Boosting: Things You Should Know Before Boosting

Written on January 14, 2019   By   in Gaming

What is Elo Boosting?

In Leagueof Legends, MMR or Elo Boosting is a process by which a user is enabled to improve his rank or league from a lower tier to a higher tier or division. This is mainly achieved by offering the user’s account to a professional player or being coached by the professional of the different tricks and tips that are used to win matches in the game generally involves a certain amount of charge that is demanded by the professional player.  This is often done in the intent of getting a higher division in a short time and effort.

Why Boosting is considered unfair?

For a large group of people or the LOL community itself, Boosting is considered a way of cheating as it involves the intervention of professional players for ranking up. In this way, the user doesn’t always have the necessary skill that is required in that specific division and is often seemed confused about the gameplay that takes place in the higher leagues. This effects the overall match performance of the other team-members and usually occurs in unsatisfactory results. And later struggles during other matches. This often leads to ban or suspension of the user’s account when it is being reported repeatedly due to low skill levels.

Duo Queue Boosting: –

Sometimes, for people who aren’t comfortable with sharing their account details with anyone, there is an option in which you can play with a professional player as a duo and get your ranks up. This act is popularly known as the duo queue boost. In this type of process, players with a comparatively higher rank and a bit of more experience, team up with the player and help them achieve a higher win ratio thus reaching to a higher rank ultimately.

Benefits of choosing Duo Boosting: –

When a player chooses for a Duo boost, he or she generally plays along with a professional player who helps them to win matches and achieve a good win-rate. It also allows the user or the player for some additional benefits like entry into professional servers, additional safety from getting banned, proper analysis of the user’s progress and also valuable tips needed to win other games in the division that they are boosted to.