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Carpet Cleaning Is Not As Easy As It Looks

Written on January 11, 2019   By   in Home Improvement

The carpet cleaning service is time saving, but you can also check out some lightweight and compact devices for your own use and for good storage options. The Santa Barbara Carpet Cleaning functions on the WindTunnel technology which is powered by cyclonic filtration that enables a stress free, energy saving and swift cleaning process. Along with the WindTunnel technology this cleaner is bagless as well as cordless. It also features, a star battery charger, battery fuel gauge, edge cleaning bristles and low profile base. It also comes with a fade free 18 volt lithium power battery, ensuring the cleaning process lasts longer without any interruptions.

These put together provides you with the best cleaning experience anyone could ever imagine. Since this is a cordless cleaner, you don’t have to bother plugging and unplugging, you could move it freely all around the house. This cleaner comes with an interchangeable battery and a 2 year warranty. This battery is fade free and powers a strong suction to take care of hard floors.

The low profile base makes it easier to clean edges and reach under the furniture, saving you the trouble of moving it around. The extreme recline handle helps you slide under deep corners smoothly. This cleaner has been around in the market for a while and has been making waves since. Reviews suggest, this cleaner is a great option for those who work and don’t have a lot of time to spend cleaning their homes and still prefer to do it on their own. It’s also great to target pet hair, dust and dirt from various corners of your homes thus leaving it dust and dirt free. Since you don’t need to plug in a cord, you can start and finishes cleaning your home in one go, without stopping in between. The dirt cup is big enough to accumulate a day’s dirt, so you don’t have to stop to empty the cup in between.