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Tips For Spotify Artist Promotion

Written on January 3, 2019   By   in Business

Are you a budding artist who wants to promote your audios on Spotify? You have landed on the right page. New users who wish to aspire as an artist have these doubts on Spotify artist promotion techniques. There are around 100 million Spotify users and it is the most suitable place for promoting your music. Following are the simple techniques for promoting your music on Spotify.

  • Join Spotify:

It is such a great platform as there are many popular artists and upcoming artists. A profile with details like your info, experiences, images with latest hairstyle, and much more details will help you to stand apart from the crowd. To sign-up, you will find Claim your profile at the top of the page. You can register with necessary details and that’s it. Thereon, you are in-charge of your music kingdom.

  • Submitting songs:

Spotify has many playlist editors for helping the artists to edit their music. Before uploading it to the world, you can submit to Spotify’s editors. Your song will be released under editorial pick’s category that drives many listeners. The panel looks for new, unique and creative music. They are open for new talents. If you have a better music in your head, drop them at the editor’s playlist.

  • Promote in a song:

Spotify artist promotion also can be done by tailoring-in your concerts or new audio release in the existing songs. You just need to submit the completed script to Spotify Ad Studio. You can pick a background track. Spotify produces the promotional ad with voice-overs recorded.

Spotify not only entertains its users with millions of songs but also helps the budding artists to achieve in the music industry. It takes many steps and adds many features often to promote new artists and musicians.